plugin:database2A patched version of the DokuWiki database2 plugin to support complex queries and usability changessoftware, web tool
Refugee Rights WatchAn Ushahidi installation customised to document incidents involving refugees and asylum seekerswatch, software, web tool
interarma Ushahidi themeAn Ushahidi theme inspired by the Pagelines Platform Wordpress themesoftware, web tool
GroupWikiA pre-configured wiki installation based upon DokuWiki and selected pluginswatch, software, web tool

Project Ideas

A selection of potential projects that we'd like to develop (time and people permitting)

Browser Plugin to Save Webpages as Digitally-signed ImagesA browser plugin to save webpages as digitally-signed imagesdocumentation
A Curatable and Structured Information Clearing HouseA framework and a hosted site to document, curate and browse information about incidents, their coverage, their location, and the organisations and issues involveddocumentation system
A Distributed VPN, File Sharing and Backup SystemA downloadable security appliance for creating distributed virtual private networks, and secure file shares and backupssystem, live distribution, infrastructure
Documentation Tools and SystemsAn introduction and review of various incident reporting and documentation toolsreview
An Introduction to Disk EncryptionA mini-workshop on the basics of disk encryption models and implementationsworkshop, security advice
Public Video Projection ToolkitAn introduction to some of the tools and techniques for creating public projections and projection-based installationshowto, projection, art
Securing your day-to-day ComputingA how-to and a series of workshops on topics including disk and network-traffic encryption, privacy and anonymity, and alternatives to local storage and browsinghowto, workshop, security advice
Self Check-in SystemsAn introduction and review of self check-in systems, and how to use them in your campaignhowto
Subversive Data-sharing SystemsBecause dead drops and anonymous wireless access points are funhowto, live distribution, infrastructure
Supporter Based MarketingAn overview of some open-source tools that can be used to share information through delegated accounts